HEY HEY WHAT: Michael Yonkers & The Blind Shake

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Rock and Roll thru line

Michael Yonkers has been slathering his joyous dissonance across rock music since the sixties. He remembers when the term was coined. The Blind Shake have spent over a decade getting rid of everything extraneous in their music, stripping their songs down to the sort of visceral excitement that only comes with rock and roll. This documentary is about these musicians, and their occasional collaborations. There are no drug problems, no band fights, and no comments from Henry Rollins or Thurston Moore.
  • HEY HEY WHAT: Michael Yonkers & The Blind Shake

    This package includes the documentary but no frills.

  • HEY HEY WHAT plus Live in LA

    Not only do you get the documentary, but you also get an hour of live footage. The show took place on May 26, 2012 at HM157 in LA. The Blind Shake opened then played a full set with Michael Yonkers. Following that, Yonkers did a set of solo material, almost all of which was new for this event. The show closes with a final new song, featuring The Blind Shake.